Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Diego 2011: A wonderful trip

 Naps on the beach
 Happy 2nd Birthday!  Happy 4th of July!  All at Sea World!
 We discovered C hates characters.
 Eating Dinner waiting for Shamu show and fireworks.

 He fell asleep during the fireworks.

 Breakfast outside.  This would not have happened in Tucson!
 Fell asleep during "the mouse".  Mickey that is.
 Seaport village!
 Ferry to Coronado
 This was a great bike ride and a great work out as Jeff and I were the only ones pedaling.
 Everyone but daddy was buried in the sand.

They do love each other!!
I even let the kids bury me! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All a little bit Casey Anthony. . .

So, there is a ton of opinion on Casey Anthony.  To be honest I have tried to stay away from most of it.  Having been a social worker with CPS cases and having worked in the hospital, you really see enough and I have no desire to watch a trial to hear about a sweet baby losing her life. 

After the verdict came in there was several (understatement) opinions being expressed.  From media, celebrities, and a ton on FB.  I saw this post on a friends FB page of a tweet made by the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North.

            "One day, God will pour out justice on Casey Anthony. Or Christ will bear it for her. And so it is with all of us. Something in us longs for justice. Something in us begs for grace. Only at the cross are both preserved & perfectly displayed."

This is summed up exactly what I thought. 
Here is what I have learned over my journey the past few years about humans and grace.

Like it or not. ..

                     We are ALL capable of ANYTHING given the right circumstances.

Yes, I said it and believe it.  We are all capable of addiction, no matter how strong willed or in control we think we are.  We are all capable of severe anger, no matter how passive or flexible we think we are.  All marriages are capable of divorce no matter what fairy tale marriage we might have at this moment. And yes we are ALL capable of doing the unthinkable give the right circumstances. 

I am so tired of judgement.  I am totally guilty of it, but I don't want to be that person because I know in my heart of hearts that NOTHING makes me any better than any other person walking the face of this earth.  

I guess I do long for justice. 

           But I much more relate to begging for grace. Thank God for it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last week I was blessed to be able to accompany my sweet husband on a business trip to Boston.  He called late on a Friday afternoon and said he had to go for work and did I want to go with him?  I am not sure I could have said yes any faster!  Boston is an amazing city, one I could visit over and over again.  Here are some pictures and things I have learned while in Boston.

To walk any where just don't pay attention to the lights.  Jaywalking is a must to get anywhere fast.
There is a crazy culture difference between the coasts.  Not as much skin shows in Boston as in San Diego or even Tucson for that matter.  And yes. . I was a pretty brown white person in comparison to white folks in Boston.

Oh how I love the water. I love lakes, rivers, oceans.  I love the water.  I am obviously living in the wrong place. There is something so wonderful and peaceful about water.

You can get a beer on almost any corner everywhere. Taverns in Boston are like Circle K's in Arizona.

I must have an accent, but I want to know what it sounds like compared to the Bawwwston accent.  Does anyone know what it sounds like??

Fenway is a cool place to see baseball game. And that is an understatement.

There is really no car needed in Boston and I would love to take my kids, but only when they can carry their own stuff.

Many, many places serve grilled cheese.  I love grilled cheese. 

It was great. . here are some pictures. :)