Monday, September 26, 2011

One Batty Night

The first grade at L's school has a whole unit on bats.  She has done a couple bat projects and knows more about bats than I ever will.  To end this unit and as a fun day before break, the kids had a bat breakfast and a bunch of bat centers on Friday morning at school.  Jeff was able to take the morning off to spend in her classroom (which she loved). 

To end the day all of the first grade classrooms have a "Bat Night".  A local bridge at the Pantano Wash in town is the home to thousands of bats and at dusk they all fly off, so the first grade classes use this as a family get together for the end of the unit. Each first grade teacher asks their students to bring in a shirt and then that teacher decorates the shirts for all the students in their class.  They also get bat goody bags to take home.  It is a great family event.  So this past Friday was bat night.  It was SUPER hot, but we were there and did get to see some bats.  I took video but will not post it as you can barely see the bats.  (Obviously I am not a videographer.)  Here are pictures of the evening.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Annual Labor Day Trip

For the past nine years there has been an annual labor day trip.  Well, we did miss one, so for eight years Jeff and I, and sometimes the kids have been vacationing for three days with some AMAZING people.  There are five couples total.  I went to college with all of the women and even went to high school with one of them.  Needless to say we have known each other for a while.  These women have also married amazing men and nine years ago we decided to do an annual trip. 

We all get along very well and for some of us it is the only time we get to see each other all year due to geography.  The guys sometimes play golf or watch football and the girls hang out and sometimes find a local spa.  I love these friends.  This year I really realized that they fall into the life long friend category.  You know those kind of friends that you don't talk with or see frequently, but you can pick up fast and you know that whatever would come my way they would always have my back, ALWAYS.  I have laughed hysterically and cried hysterically with them.  So enough for that here is a very abbreviated weekend from Labor Day 2011.

This year I only have two pictures. Why you ask?  Well because I always forget to take my camera out because we are having way to much fun.  Funny that they are from the very first day and then the last night.

 The first day driving from Reno to Lake Tahoe.  Yep that is my husband getting a big fat speeding ticket.  FYI the speed limit along those roads is 50.  Jeff thought it was 68. HAHAHA!  At least the officer was nice and I was able to take a quick picture from the back. I am sure I could get in trouble for this pic on some level, but it was too good.  Don't turn me in! :)

This was the last night.  This is Melissa or Mindi and her sweet daughter Megan whom I adore.   It was a great Monday night.

I am not sure what to share as we kind of a have a saying "what happens on the couples trip stays on the couples trip". :) HAHA!  No, really there was a bunch of laughs, good food, great people, sleeping in, time on the boat, time talking, ESPN watching, and maybe even a new tattoo thrown in there.  And no it wasn't me!

Thank you my dear friends for an amazing time!  We love you!