Sunday, April 26, 2009


Recently every time I have been sick I have appreciated the times I am healthy more and more. When I was a kid, it was neat to be able to stay home sick. I remember even trying to fake a fever because it was like a day off. But as I now have 2 kids at home and my body is older, I really do appreciate wellness much more than I ever have.

I find myself praying for those that are chronically ill and are not often well. I pray for a friend who is enduring chemo and spends every day now sick. I can't imagine everyday of my life being sick and having to take care of my house and family. Exhausting. I am also thankful that I have Jeff. I find myself praying for single moms and dads who get sick because it is just them. No one to come home and at least let you lay in bed for the rest of the night.

I am so thankful that I have wellness 99% of the time and will try not to take this gift for granted. The Lord has truly blessed our family.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Tube or Not to Tube

Well, I am sure the answer will be tube.
I do believe that God has everything under control, even though it is tough at times. Like days like today. I just looked up at heaven and went "seriously??"

I feel somewhat vain and selfish in writing this post. As I know many families struggle with things that are waaaayyyy beyond what we have on our plates. But I also believe that God cares about the details as well.

So, what we thought was pink eye for Sean yesterday turns out to be really congested sinuses and a double ear infection. Many of you say, bummer a double ear infection is no fun, but in Sean's case it quite frankly sucks. Sean had had about 9 ear infections in the first 14 months of life. Six of those were within about 9 months of each other. So December of 2007 we had a BMT, "tubes" put in both ears. A quick surgery, but nonetheless a surgery under general anesthesia. After this he did well for a while and then had a doozy of an ear infection in November of 2008 in which his ears bled and I will spare the rest of the details, but it was not good. He was then on about 5 antibiotics until about February of this year. Through all of this I also discovered I am not fond of the ENT office we initially chose. And now he was recommending another set of tubes and taking out adenoids, I was not so comfortable with this as the audiologist report was good. So I returned to Sean's pediatrician whom we fondly refer to as Sean's girlfriend. She did a test and looked at his ears and WOOOHOOO there was no fluid and the pressure came back great! So we then opted no tubes and was hoping our visits to the ENT were over.
But alas, today we called the new ENT to schedule an appt. I am really excited as this ENT does only pediatrics so I feel will be a better fit for Sean, but do believe we are looking at another set of tubes. Currently, the appointment to see the new doc is not until May 18th. I think we might try to work through our pediatrician and get in earlier if we can, well that is my prayer. Only because at this point I will be 33 weeks pregnant, which is still not too bad, but that might put the surgery out later. :) So who knows. Just praying the Lord gives me a level head and a clear mind, well what is left of it, and really directs our steps in this little chapter of Sean's life. Because surgery, no matter how long or short, is still super scary and NOT FUN for a mommy and a daddy.
Thanks for praying. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Vacation!

So, we recently returned from a wonderful vacation to San Diego for a couple days. We spend time at the beach, Sea World and Legoland. It was wonderful and much needed time away for all of us. It was also special because as much as we are looking forward to our new baby boy's arrival it was nice to take a trip just the four of us before he comes. I thought I just share some pictures.

Oh and I am writing now from my brand new lap top given to me by my WONDERFUL husband for my birthday. Now I am am not attached to my office area and can "roam" the house all unhooked! :) How fun is that!!!