Monday, March 7, 2011

10K: No 911 Call Necessary

Well, I can say I have completed my first 10K, and can say that I do not think it will be my last.  (As I type that last sentence I wonder what the hell is wrong with me.)  In my teens the furthest I would ever run is between the bases in softball and the running our coach made us do for conditioning.  In college, I lived with a wonderful woman that ran miles upon miles each week and to be honest I thought she was crazy.  After college, I might walk, but to really run I would have told you there must be someone chasing me with a gun. 
Well, now I run. . .  correction what I do is 'wog' (cross between jog and walk) but for me that is huge.  I actually loved it and no one needed to call 911 for me and no ambulance was needed to haul me away.

I ran the Run for Ryan House in DC Ranch, which I discovered is North Scottsdale area.  First, let me tell you that you should look into the Ryan House because it has an amazing story and is awesome.  Then let me tell you a bit about the DC Ranch area. . .it has HILLS! :)  Oh yes, compared to my flat run in Tucson, the hills were a challenge, but good for me. 

Jeff was out of town for work so I was truly bummed that he and the kids were not there when I finished, but what I did have was an amazing friend there to give me a high five and be my champion.  Terese and I have known each other for a long time. She volunteers at the Ryan house and did a little butt kicking of her own in the 5K race that day.  We were able to meet before the races and then we had a great brunch afterwards.  It was an amazing day and here are some pictures that she took, of which I am so thankful.

Taken before we started.  Early in the morning.
As I crossed the finish line from 6.2 miles. And yes my face is as pink as my shirt, I can't control that. :)

The interesting part about this new hobby of mine is when I woke up on Sunday morning I thought I would like to run the course again because I knew I had more in me and could do it even faster.  I guess I have plenty of time to work on that in the next 60 days until the 13.1.