Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sweetest Sound of All

So, things have been crazy lately for everyone. The financial markets, gas, food, oil, politics, , getting kids up, fed, going to work, soccer, kids then cleaned up, bath, bed, and doing it all over again. This is what I hear when I talk to my friends, life is just busy and crazy right now. And our family feels the same way.
But I have to share with you about last night and the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. Some of you might say your sweet sounds are when your spouse committed to you forever, or your babies first cries entering the world, or the sound of your boss giving you a raise, but I have decided the following is my sweet sound.
Last night Jeff was away at softball so the kids and I were doing the bed time routine. Complete with hair washing which both of them don't like and try to avoid at all costs. So we had bath time, brushed teeth, jammies were on, books were read, and we were all sitting in the rocker together. Then I asked them what song they'd like to hear and Lauren shouts out "AMAZING GRACE!" and Sean follows with "GRACE, GRACE!" (Yes, although I love the "new" worship music, I still love some old hymns and have been singing this one to my kids since birth.) :)
I began to sing and then Lauren began to sing, and then Sean began to sing. I start to sing softer so I can hear the kids. They go on to sing all three verses that I have always sang to them. Lauren knows all the words and sings them loud and clear, Sean seems to know all the last words to the phrases, but hums the rest.
I have decided that with all going on, this was a moment I will never give back. It was to me, the sweetest sound of all.