Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of My Great Moments

There are a handful of truly memorable moments I have in my life and one was made today.

Today we had a preschool promotion for our little girl who will begin kindergarten in 6 short weeks. I really went into the whole thing thinking it would be cute, but not giving much thought to the fact that I would SOB like a baby at one point in the presentation. After all, I had been hearing the songs they were singing for over a month and I had seen her class perform songs at Christmas. This was a fun event. But what I heard and saw from my sweet and precious girl will be forever burned in my mind, heart, & soul. (And my amazing husband managed to capture it on video.)

Before I show it to you let me explain some insecurities. For the longest time I truly believed that my "value" was on how I performed in school, the degrees I held, how many people I could help in my social work positions, how I moved up in my employment, etc. Then I became a mom and knew that I wanted to stay home, but the switch was tricky. I realize how important my mom job is, but sometimes I fall back into the old definition of value and feel that I have less value because I am "just" a stay at home mom. After all no one is proclaiming my deeds of cleaning up meal after meal, completing load after load of laundry, reading "Owl Babies" for the millionth time, reminding little people to eat with their fork, use the potty, and clean the potty, before other co-workers where I get a little certificate. :) But this video and the sound of my beautiful girl's voice is more than I could ever ask for. I will let you see the video because yes, I am just that proud.