Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sometimes I am that mom.(oh and to meet another "that" mom, go to her web site you can see it over this way---->).
 I remember a story once that a women would tell before I had kids.  To make a long story short it was about her just wanting to leave, to just run far away to a place with no children.  Of course as a young woman without kids I was appalled!  I thought, where is CPS when you need them and I will never feel that way about my kids, how could she?!?!?!?  Well what is that old saying?  Oh yeah, NEVER SAY NEVER, AS NEVER IS FOREVER AND FOREVER IS A LONG TIME. 
Now there are days I long to run away.  To get away from the crying, the yelling, the fighting, and yes even sometimes the hanging all over me part. 

When I first had a sweet daughter I didn't seem to need as much time away, but when we added to our numbers I needed more.  I used to feel horribly guilty about it.  Especially when we'd get a sitter.  That the sitter cost too much, that after all they were my kids and I should care for them, no one can put them to bed like mommy, and the list went on and on.  I don't feel like that so much anymore.  In fact just a couple weeks ago I realized I was at the end of my rope.  I hired a sitter and went to a 10 am movie all by myself with red vines and a diet coke.  Then I went home and was a much happier and better mom.  I obviously don't feel guilty any longer.  I just realized that it is OK, because as a mom you know you don't even go to the bathroom by yourself.  I have found when I have time by myself to just be and do what I want, I come home and feel better about kids hanging off me, doing laundry is not quite as painful, and I can hear about the tag game at school while on the toilet. 

So. . my message to you!?  Just do it!  Don't feel guilt and definitely don't let the bag packers (Pack your bags your going on a guilt trip people) say anything to get to you.  Your kids might whine, or cry, or even run screaming after you when you exit.  But trust me they will not be scarred for life because mommy went to Bunco, the show is just for you.  Oh and some bag packers who are also moms will tell you they NEVER go out and that they love spending time with their kids, and they can never leave them, and their spouse would be upset, and you just get to have fun, yada, yada, yada.  My kind words about those moms; smile, nod head yes, and ignore them.  :)  Go out, relax, have a nice time and be the better mommy.

PS I do get to get away this weekend sans kids and am thrilled.  And they probably want to get rid of me too based upon our week. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art from Preschool

So here is a large self portrait from sweet Sean's preschool.

I have no words.  I have not even asked him to describe it all to me yet, because I need to work on my poker face.

A Girl and Her Daddy

So I have a very sweet and sometimes feisty 6 year old daughter.  I have often wondered where women learn the skills of getting what they want from men.  What starts this behavior and how do they work on it?  Well. . .I have found my answer.  With their daddies of course.  I know, I know Freud would love this, here is our story nonetheless.

L:  Mommy I want a tv in my room.
Me:  You are never getting a tv in your room.
L:  That is fine, when daddy gets home I will just say to him "Daddy, I want a tv in my room. "  He will get back in his car and go to the store and buy me a tv. 
L:  He won't because you will talk to him first and tell him to say no.  So instead I will just go to drivers school, learn how to drive and then go to the store myself and get my tv and bring it home.
Me:  You have to be sixteen to drive.
L:  Oh.. . .

REALLY?!?!?  Did I really have that conversation with my 6 year old?  Yes I did. . .what do you think it will look like at 16?  Yikes.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Then and Now

So I have been going through pictures and I got a bit emotional. 
This is Lauren's first day of preschool ever!
This was the first day of first grade this year. 

This was Sean the very first day of his preschool years.

This is the first day of his last year of preschool.

Time flies when you are having fun!!