Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I can do this. . .

So. . Jeff is now really officially in Tel Aviv after a postponed trip a few weeks ago, and to my surprise, I am actually doing well. I have always said that I would NOT be a good military wife, and I still believe that, but so far, so good. Now, remind you it has only been about 39 hours since daddy left. And the kids do miss him dearly, but we have tried to keep busy and they are actually exhausted at night, which is nice for a tired mommy. It is times like these I pray for all the military wives and single mamas. . . hats off to all of you YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008


So . . today is my niece's very first birthday! I can't believe she is one, and is keeping her mommy and daddy very busy with walking and getting into things! :)
So Happy Birthday dear Reagan!
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Krista, Lauren, & Sean

Thursday, April 10, 2008

You're going where???

So, I awoke this morning to my husband gingerly approaching me telling me his management wants him to leave for a business trip on Sunday. The kicker. . he is going to Israel. HMMM. . needless to say I am not thrilled. He is going and I am sure it will be fine. But let's put it this way. . . .Israel is not among the top 10 suggested travels spots by the US Department of State. :) Oh well. . . .

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bullies at the Park

We have all heard about bullies. You know people who don't say nice things, talk behind your back, maybe push or shove, and are just plain not nice. I often think more about bullies being kids, but after this morning at the park, I believe in mommy bullies. I am sure you all have been there a time or two. Moms that physically move your kids and you don't know them from Adam, other moms telling kids they look silly in that hat, or are fat, chubby, tall, short, or just saying things about other's kids when even though they think it they should just keep their mouth SHUT.

I feel that I was a victim of a nasty mom who should have kept her mouth shut this morning. I don't know her, never have seen her at the park before, but I don't really like her and have to admit I wouldn't want my kids to play with hers. Before I tell the story let me on the record say that I am very familiar that all moms compare kids. Is my kid like the neighbor kids, are they keeping up with other kids in regards to speech, motor skills, the list could go on and on. So yes, I do know this exists, but as a mom, for me these things are things NEVER spoken of aloud.

So with that side note here is my story. We were playing the park this morning when a group of moms asks the ages of the kids. I say 3 & 17 months, which most moms say "oh" to-except one. She waits, then turns to her friend on the bench, supposedly thinking she was talking softly says, "Wow, my son is 17 months too and is much taller and more active than that little boy". If people could hear hearts being crushed you could have heard my in Australia or even the North Pole. I was crushed. I believe Sean is adorable, he is a little short for his age and doesn't talk much but I wanted to scream "THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM!!!" in her face. Either that or "GET A CLUE, think what you want, but you DON'T say it in public!!"

From this I began to wonder how many mothers or fathers I have hurt. Kids are all different. Thank goodness because right now the Lord knows I can only handle one Lauren and one Sean. Two of either personality might do me in. :) But if I can stay on this soap box a bit longer. . maybe we should all take a lesson and learn to pause and think. Thinking, are my words coming out of my mouth kind, or how would I feel. Just a suggestion to us all, myself included.

Man of Means

This is Sean's new haircut. But it is the adventure on the way to the haircut that brought about this blog.
We were waiting for something at the merchandise pick up at Costco. Lauren was hanging off the cart and Sean was strapped into the front seat. As we were waiting an older gentleman came up to me and inquired whether Sean was new here.
Now, having lost my brain in childbirth, it took me a second to realize he was not implying new to Costco, but new to the world. I replied to him "kind of", I know not the best reply, but he got it. He then pulled out a brand new dollar coin and said to me that upon meeting a man new to this world he always gifts them a dollar to put in their baby book. After a bit more conversation, many thanks and smiles from the kids, he began to walk away, saying "Now he is a man of means". So, as I walked away I found it amazing that a man in this day and age (and the current economy:) ) would give away any money and to a stranger.
I found myself wondering what made him do this. Was this man always a "man of means", or had he struggled and found it important to do this because he knew what it was like to not have anything. Either way I found it a blessing and amazing.
Then. . we headed to the salon to get Sean's haircut. He might now be a "man of means" but he cried through the entire cut! :)