Friday, May 8, 2009

A Lauren Funny

Okay so this was embarrassing, but very funny.

We recently went to Target to pick out a gift for her friend's 4th birthday. She knew exactly what she wanted to get her and because this was mommy and Lo time we took our time and looked at everything in the store she wanted to see.
This was the conversation as we walked past the Girls section, you know girls 7-14.

L: Look at that cute dress, I would like that dress.
M: It is cute, but maybe a bit too big.
L: ohhhh look at that cute shirt.
M: Yes that is very cute.
L: (Loudly) Look mom there are a bunch of boobs!! (pointing to the all the colorful training bras hanging from the racks.
M: (quietly)L, those are called bras remember?!? :)
M: Laughter aloud
L: oh

Hope this made you giggle today!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Perfect Timing

God's timing is perfect. This morning I was the one with a complete meltdown. I had whining crying kids since their eyes popped open, things were broken, mess everywhere, I was trying to let Jeff sleep as it is his birthday and by 8:07 am (I remember looking at the clock :) ) I was done. I cried and cried and cried and told the Lord, I couldn't do it anymore. I was not cut out for this, it takes way more patience, mercy, care and concern, and love, and quite frankly I as out. I had nothing left to give anyone and selfishly even if I did. . I didn't want to give it.

Here is where timing comes into play. Upon picking up Lauren for preschool, she presented me with a "Happy Mothers Day" gift, which was beautiful. It was a plant with a butterfly she had created and a picture of her and I sticking out the top. . . beautiful. However, it was the small piece of paper I received from her teacher Mrs. Moten, that made all the difference.
Here is what it said. So to all the mothers, aunts, loved ones, ladies who care for other's children, this is for you as well. May it bless you as it did me.


"I have entrusted you with the care of My children. They are special to Me.
They are My gift to you and to the world. They are young and inexperienced. But they are also curious, full of enthusiasm, ready to learn and to love. I like that!
I hope they are as much a source of joy to you as they are to Me.
You too are a source of joy to Me.
You know and have experienced more of life--the discipline and sacrifice involved in accepting the responsibility for raising children. Not everyone is willing to do that. Thank You.
Life is not always easy. Raising children is certainly not easy. I know that. There is much to contend with--illness, discouragement, uncertainty, misunderstandings. No one know and appreciates your efforts as much as I do. Thank You.
Children as so much of you--they ask for you time and energy,your patience and then your money!
They ask you to grow with them, change, encourage them, discipline them.
Sometimes it seems like more than you can handle--but you haven't given up. Thank You.
Please let me assure you--I BELIEVE IN YOU, I DEPEND ON YOU, I LOVE YOU.
So in all that I truly felt that the Lord was talking to me today. And I am truly grateful for a preschool teacher for giving that to me and loving me as a mom as much as she loves my daughter as a preschooler.

Thank you Lord for perfect timing and gentle mercies.