Monday, June 30, 2008

2008 MOTY Award Hopes Dashed

Okay. . well any hopes I had at being nominated for the Mother of the Year Award are gone after this morning's incident in PetsMart.

Yes, it all had to do with the cart, Sean, a hysterical call to Jeff and the pediatricians office.

For months now we have had an ongoing cart battle. Lauren loves to ride in the front seat and Sean hates it, so I finally resigned to let Lauren sit in front and put Sean in the back. We have been doing this for a while and it has all worked out in my mind brilliantly. Until today.

Looking for cat food in PetsMart, I moved the cart a tad and WHAM! I look down and Sean has fallen out of the cart and is lying on the tile floor screaming! I rush to pick him up and of course the workers come running. I am in shock, embarrassed, can't wait to leave, and holding my baby boy as he screams. Luckily there was no blood and he did end up quieting down. As I left the store I was horrified at myself. I was sure the workers had looks of concern, but also the "I can't believe that mom" look and "why would she ever let her son in the back of the cart" look. However, as my good friend Karen pointed out, that was probably more my perception of the looks because of how I felt. Now as I look back it was probably more concern for Sean and hopes that I would not bring some silly, frivolous lawsuit to their company.

So, I get in the car then let my tears pour out of my body and call Jeff. He assures me Sean is okay and that all kids fall. Well, then I call the Dr. and know that if I have to take him in at least I am only a few short minutes from the office. So I talk to the nurse. (side bar: I LOVE THIS OFFICE THEY ARE AWESOME.) Karen, the RN who happens to know Sean well and love him was so kind to first ask me how I was, then after a few tears, I replied with "okay". She then ask about bumps, bruises, sleepiness, vomiting, etc. So as of now he seems fine, but for the next 2 nights I have to wake him at least twice to make sure he is able to rouse. Now in normal circumstances, I would NEVER wake a sleeping baby, but in this case I'd stay awake for both nights and wake him every hour if needed.

As the day has passed I feel better, have lost some of my "mom guilt", but it is still hangin' around a bit. Needless to say we need to stick to Costco with the 2 seats up front or I need to go to the stores at 10 pm by myself. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Where does time go? I remember the headline of an article reading something like, Americans do 28 hours of things in a 24 hour period. I also remember thinking how ridiculous that sounded as there are only 24 hours in a day, thus making the statement impossible.
Now after seeing how long I have not written in my blog, how my pictures are sitting on my camera waiting to be put on my computer and then will probably just stay there for a long time, and then actually printing them might be a feat, but these days scrapping them (one of my favorite things) will be close to a miracle.
Why do we do this? Or I might be the only one. Time is definitely not on our side. We are busy, we cram so much into our lives and I don't even think we purposely do so. We are a yes saying, try to do everything type society.
For me, even if for today, I want to stop and slow down. I have decided to not try and put 28hrs in day. :) But I am sure that in doing this it will not get my pictures printed any faster! HA!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We are here. . .

So, We are in Indy.  YEAH!!  The kids did great on the plane, we even received a few compliments about their behavior, which is like giving their mommy a gold medal! :)  So, today we went to the zoo and completely wore the kids out. . after naps it is time for some fun outside. 

Monday, June 2, 2008

Here we go. . .

Okay so this is the plan.
1 airplane
2 kids
1 mom
1 Nana
2 car seats
1 double stroller
1 DVD player
3 never before seen DVDs
5 books
diaper bags with all the goods
one change of clothes for each kiddo
and. . we are off!!!!!!
Okay so the list looks a lot more simple than the task, but we are going to Indiana to visit my sister and niece. It will be very fun (CRAZY) :) from the very minute we hit the airport I am sure. But hey, I am convinced we live in a constant state of crazy at our casa.

I have learned in traveling with kiddos to lay stuff out LONG in advance. Right now all the clothes are packed along with a separate suitcase we will have for day of the flight, as we are leaving out of PHX. My mom is going to help which is AWESOME! Jeff can't go due to work, but I am convinced he will be on vacation. I mean for Pete's sake, he will have to work everyday, but we are gone for a whole week (incl. a Sat. & Sun.) in which I am sure he will golf. :) So really, even though he is working he comes home to a quiet house, no dinner making,, no laundry, no bath taking time, no diapers, and two weekend days to himself- to me that spells VACATION!

Now I call our trip to the kids a vacation too, but that is for the kids. We will see if their mommy and Nana agree after our return! Fishers, IN here we come!!!!