Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sean's First Day of Preschool

Here he is!! Our sweet, loving middle one! :) He is off to preschool again this year 3 days a week. I actually cried quite a bit over these pictures. Primarily because he is getting older and I can't control it, and then because I always seem to worry about him the most right now. I get anxious about his heart of all things. I am so worried about it being hurt. Sean has this amazing personality. I call him our "Norm" from Cheers. Most everywhere we go we always hear "HI Sean!" and "SEAN!" It is odd, but seems to always happen. But to me Sean has this soft side. He cares a lot, sometimes probably too much, but he gives off the appearance as though things don't bother him. He is the boy who says no to holding my hand into preschool (already). But at home in the quiet time before bed, cannot seem to snuggle close enough. I am excited for this year, but always so anxious, which I am taking to the Lord everyday. :)

Oh and even though he doesn't need a backpack, he had to have one, just like his big sister!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Okay. . so I am posting this for my own motivation and accountability. In my quest to lose 3 babies worth of excess weight my sister proposed this challenge. I have agreed, but am nervous. So . . here I post the link to the challenge. . .maybe this will be motivation and some of my fear of inadequacy will disappear.


I must be crazy. . .