Sunday, August 9, 2009

Identity Theft

My heart has been heavy the past couple days.

I have come to find that my identity has been stolen! What!?!? Yes it has, but it not my identity involving my credit cards and SS number. It is who I am in Jesus. How the Lord sees me. Having decided to live a life for God there comes a wonderful identity in that. One that is guilt-free, shame-free, full of love, grace and compassion. One that is full of blessing and abundance. One in which God sees me as the greatest thing ever.

Yet so many times I have lost sight of this. So many times I let the past and other things (even great blessings) control what I think of myself and how I feel about myself. And this then comes out in my everyday living.

What a shame that we allow things to steal our identity. I have also talked with others that have described a lost self. I would say that their identities have been robbed. Oh how I am convicted that if we believe that God loves us and we have fully accepted Jesus as the only way to heaven (and frankly through this life) that God has provided us this new identity in Him, one that is awesome, but one that I have to look in the mirror and embrace everyday.

The equally wonderful part is that He longs to give those who don't know Him the same identity He created them to have. Even amidst unbelieving He believes that we are amazing. He longs to be close to us and love on us. It is like taking someone who we don't know at all, knowing their past and present is something we can't stand, and wanting to share family dinners with them every night and dying to adopt them into our family despite the areas we don't agree. Simply AMAZING!

This has just been where my heart is for days. For the small number of people who read this blog, may you be blessed and revel in your true identity.