Friday, June 17, 2011

No Regrets?

So I watch trash tv reality shows.  I know it is a horrible habit.  And they really do suck me in because half the time I really can't believe what is actually going on in them.  However at the end of all reality experiences there are those wrap up shows. You know the ones.  They ask all the participants a million questions and in those questions is always: Did you regret ______ this season?  And to that question I always hear the same answers.  No, not at all, I dont' regret anything.  It was an experience.  I learned from it.  Life is too short to have regrets. 

HA!  To those answers I say you are full of crap!  Really there is not one thing you have ever regretted, wished you could have done over or maybe tweaked a bit.  So what, you learned from it, but really let's be honest.  I have regrets.  I regret that we didn't travel to Europe before we had kids.  Does that mean I regret having kids? Absolutely not, but if I could go back I will would have traveled to Europe before kids.  I would have applied for this one job in Detroit years ago too, would I have taken it if it was offered?  Maybe not, but hindsight I should have gone for it.   I would not have let fear stand in the way of some of my decisions.  What about simple things like regretting that extra piece of chocolate cake that made me have to work extra hard to lose weight?  I shouldn't have had it, if I had gone back I would have changed it. 

According the to the regret is disappointment, or being upset over a past action.  Really?  These reality starts have never felt that?  Some synonyms are heartache, discomfort, and concern.   Maybe we don't like the word regret because we don't like to think we ever make mistakes.  We like to think that we have done everything right, to the best of our ability, that we are in control. 

Well, I have not done everything right and if I looked back I would tweak a few things, but I don't think that makes me a bad person.  Or that I have admitted that I have failed in life.  I think I have done pretty darn good.  Now that you know that, I can't take the credit, as anything good that has happened has been a blessing from heaven that is for sure!  So I think these reality stars are missing something, I think if they are alone thinking about it they would totally regret something. . .I mean, can you at least regret saying demeaning and hurtful things about another person??

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Women Want

This morning my sweet girl came out looking like this.. .

  All put together with necklaces, bracelets, make-up, and all dressed.  It wasn't so much what she looked like that got my attention, but what she said.  As she came out of her room she exclaimed "TELL ME I LOOK FANTASTIC!!"  And without hesitation  I told her "YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!"

Then I realized this is what we all want.  Everyone likes to be told they look and are fantastic!  So to all of my friends and even those of you I don't know YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!

Oh yes. . then I told her the make up had to come off before the visit to the dentist. . that is the mom in me! :)