Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding the Right Bribe for Your Kids

So this weekend we made S take off the training wheels.  Well, Jeff did.  I didn't care if he had them on forever, even though we did tell him kids would eventually make fun of him.  S likes to play it safe and only likes to do what he likes to do when he likes to do it. 
Jeff and I tried different tactics, he resorted to telling him that big boys ride on two wheels and it was time for him to learn.  A mixture of sucking it up, feeling good about learning and peer pressure.  
Me??  I use bribery.  Most time with treats.  (Yes I know that this is bad and I am sure if my kids are morbidly obese as adults they will tell their therapists that their mother made them this way by bribing them when little.)
So, I say to S, if you learn today to ride on two wheels then we will all go to ice cream.  His response was to ask what kind of ice cream as if he needed to know his efforts were worth it.  I then said BR, which is down the street and one of the family favorites.  He actually then thought for a bit and said no, he did not want ice cream and would ride with 4 wheels "forever"!
HUH!?!? No to ice cream, that was my best offer--but was it?!?!  I then thought quick and said to him if he learned to ride on two wheels I would video it on my phone and then send it to Samantha.  He paused, thought, and just like that said "OK, Dad, take off the other wheels!"
And that was that. He went with Jeff and although he did whine and still is not totally comfortable, he is riding.  And all it took was telling him Samantha would see it.
I think at this point I should be less concerned about the therapist and more concerned that he'd do anything for the ladies.

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