Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Right To Be Right?!?!

So today I am on fire and hurt and just plain upset.  Today I logged on to FB with my coffee to see all those fun things people were up to today. Some drinking coffee, some just had a great time with their families, some are hurting and experiencing pain in their families, and some posted wonderful pictures of their accomplishments and beautiful adventures, and then inevitably I run across some post that makes my blood boil yet never type a comment. 

When did we as people feel we have the right to be right all the time?  We have become some of the most narcissistic people ever!  I find it funny that I have friends on both sides of the now infamous Chick-fil-a debacle and both seem to actually trash other people for their beliefs.  I reviewed the Bill of Rights again today thinking I must be missing something.  I must be missing a right stating that our opinions and beliefs are "right" no matter what, giving us full permission to outwardly ridicule and mock other human beings.  Did I miss it?

NO I didn't because IT IS NOT THERE!!!!

Listen, I am FAR from perfect which everyone I know can attest.  However, if we believe Christians are bad, why are we ridiculing them as humans?  If we believe homosexuals are bad, why are we trashing them as humans?  If we believe carrying a gun is ludicrous, why do we call them crazy people?  If we believe that taking food stamps should be against, the law why do we attack the person on food stamps?

It seems to me we all need a hand held mirror to take a long hard look at our own junk.  This world is wonderful in so many ways and my kids remind me of that everyday.  However we as adults are making it crappy for them.  We attack people because their "right" is not our "right".  What happened to the old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say then be quiet."

Please understand, I am all about debating the facts and standing firm to what we believe.  But when we stop debating facts and start attacking people, we have missed the mark and are teaching future generations nasty and unsafe habits that will not benefit us when we are in need of their support.  Soon their "right" might not include taking care of their elders. 


Karyn said...

Well said, Krista!

Charlotte Hoffner said...

This is spot on Krista!!